Unveiling High Altitude Brands new telescopic Backcountry fishing rod.

Unveiling High Altitude Brands new telescopic Backcountry fishing rod.

This fishing rod was designed by fellow anglers who love backcountry fishing. In fact we had a Facebook group of fellow The Backcountry Trail members who worked with me to get this rod just right and add many great features.

The rod will be available in 5.5ft, 6ft and 6.5ft versions. It will come with a backpacking case and tackle bag as well as be paired with an Abu Garcia fishing reel.

This is the perfect fishing rod for anyone who likes to fish in the backcountry or to have everything you need in your car all together so you can fish anytime anywhere.

Release date will be the end of October 2018.

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Backcountry Telescopic Fishing Rod Transparent Backcound

Watch the Facebook live unveiling below or click here to watch on Facebook:

Jump to 2:40 to get to the main part of the video.

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  1. I cannot wait for this to be released. I won’t be able to immediately buy one, but I’ll sleep better knowing it’s out there! I showed the wife what I would like to have. She squeezed my shoulder, so I know it’s in her head as a possible gift for me.

    1. Hey William glad you like the rod, hope you get a chance to get one and try it out for yourself as I think you will love it.

  2. Do you have a better timeline on when there will be more of the complete combo? I went to buy the rod, reel, and case… poof, they were gone! It would be great if you were able to give another sale when they come in, for the holidays. I think it would also be cool if you were able to offer a small discount to our military people, past and present. Including Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, First Responders. Just give it a think.

    1. Hey William thanks for the comment. The Rod Reel Case combo sold out quick but is back in stock now. As for the discount the rods are selling very well and we have limited stock right now until we get our next batch which will be after the holidays so not sure if we will do any further discounts this year.

      As for the military discount I hear you but right now we are trying to collect as much money as possible for the children who are not able to get out and fish, five percent of every order gets set aside for equipment and time to take kids out fishing and that is what we are focusing on. In the future we may look at doing a discount for the people who have serve our county once we have more stock available.

  3. Was woundering if you’d know when they’d be in stock and shipped out? The site says end of May or early June. Thanks for the info.

    1. Hey Jason just received word from the factory they should be done on June 13-14 which means about 2 weeks after that they will arrive into our warehouse and be ready for shipping so we are looking at the end of June!

  4. I received my rod/reel and case setup the other day. I haven’t been able to take it out yet but from tinkering this thing exceeded all my expectations of a backpacking rod. The rod is super light weight and it doesn’t have any of that cheap feel to it like most other backpacking rods. The Abu Garcia reel is a given quality product so the pairing is perfect. The semi hard case is a real home run sturdy with a classic black finish on the outside plush on the inside to protect the rod and reel. It also has a pretty big pouch for tackle and baits. I will definitely be ordering a few more as gifts. Oh and did I mention a percentage of all sales go to help get kids fishing its even printed on the boxes now that’s awesome.

    1. Thanks for the review Jameson and very happy that you like the rods! Look forward to seeing some photos perhaps.

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